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Dijana’s Story – Night Shift Senior Rehabilitation Assistant

23 March 2022

Blog Swanborough House

Looking back, I was an ordinary woman who spent 12 years of her working life in an office. Around 4 years ago, I was drinking tea with a friend who works with me today at Swanborough House and discussing the idea of changing careers and moving to another country. In a month’s time, our papers and suitcases were ready, and we were set for our new adventure.

I remember my first day like it was yesterday, I couldn’t stop thinking … Can I do this? Am I really the right person to make a change in these people’s lives? The training was very intense, there was not much time to think and soon we started working as an independent Rehabilitation Assistant.

After many months of hard work, Renovo recognised my effort and promoted me to Senior Rehabilitation Assistant. As I progressed it felt amazing to be a part of a team that works and breathes as one.

Although this job had such amazing aspects, there were also a lot of struggles. The Covid 19 pandemic put a lot of pressure on all of us, also we had to work very hard to prepare for our CQC inspection, which we did superbly on.  

At the time of writing this article, it is 03:00 am and I’m drinking a coffee after a round on the department. I can’t help but think about the past 4 years, Would I change anything? Would I choose another career if a chance would be given? The answer is absolutely NOT!

As time has passed, I have become confident in myself and realised how strong I am, I’m proud to do such a rewarding job that brings positive changes to the lives of the residents. They have all become like another family to me and my colleagues.

I’m grateful for everything I have been taught, but for now…enough with my thoughts…the bell is ringing…the residents need me.

By Dijana Zadravec