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Complex Care

Complex care for patients who require specialist care in the longer term

About Complex Care

We usually admit a patient to the Complex Care Pathway when they have completed treatment under the Acute Neurorehabilitation or Extended Rehabilitation pathways and have reached their recovery potential, but still need specialist care. The service we offer provides ongoing support for highly complex patients who are typically under 65 years of age. With limited potential for rehabilitative improvement, the length of stay is long-term with, at maximum, lifelong care. Patients admitted to this pathway are likely to receive Continuing Healthcare (CHC) funding.

Within this pathway, patients will have access to 24-hour nursing care. There is no standard therapy care package but if specific therapies are required these can be arranged as part of the initial care package and there is also an option to purchase therapy sessions as needed. This could, for example, include treatment for a change in spasticity requiring physio, behavioural changes requiring psychology or nutrition requirements needing dietetics.

The location for services offered within this care pathway is Hollanden Park Hospital located in Hildenborough, Kent.

This services is offered at these locations: