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Acute Neurorehabilitation

Acute neurorehabilitation - high intensity treatment to manage complex care and medical conditions

About Acute Neurorehabilitation

The Acute Neurorehabilitation pathway is one of two acute treatment options we offer to new admissions. We usually admit a patient as a direct admission or on occasion, as an internal transfer from our Acute Neurobehavioural pathway. We offer this very high intensity pathway to support management of complex or unstable medical problems in a hospital setting.

The length of stay we typically recommend for this pathway is 3-5 months but occasionally extends to 12 months. Our expected outcome for a patient on this pathway is a return to their home environment, an internal transfer to one of our step-down care options (Extended Rehabilitation or Assisted Independent Living) or a move to an alternative care provider.

Within this pathway patients will have access to 24-hour consultant led medical care and a higher level of facilities and equipment such as bespoke assistive technology including hydrotherapy, exo-skeleton, functional electrical stimulation (FES) and environmental control systems. We also make provision for other specialist equipment including ventilator, tracheostomy care with decannulation and PEG feeding care if this is needed.

Alongside our specialist rehabilitation and 1:1 nursing care, a patient can expect to receive intensive interdisciplinary intervention from several therapy disciplines including psychology, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and speech and language therapy. We are also able to offer treatment for spasticity.

The locations for services we offer within this care pathway are Hollanden Park Hospital in Hildenborough, Kent and South Newton Hospital near Salisbury, Wiltshire.

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