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Extended Rehabilitation

Extended rehabilitation focused on further potential rehabilitative improvement in the medium to long term


About Extended Rehabilitation

We usually admit a patient to the Extended Rehabilitation pathway as an internal transfer from one of our acute care pathways or a direct admission from another care provider. The service we offer provides further potential for rehabilitative improvement with a medium to long-term length of stay, and we would typically recommend 6-24 months. Our expected outcome for a patient is a return to their home environment or a move to an alternative care provider.

Within this pathway, patients will have access to 24-hour consultant-led medical care, a wide range of therapies, specialist facilities including ventilator, tracheostomy and PEG feeding care if this is needed.

In addition to specific rehabilitation medicine and nursing care, we also offer co-ordinated interdisciplinary interventions including occupational therapy, physiotherapy and psychology. The therapies we provide are less intensive compared to those offered on the acute care pathways, our objective being to build on the restoration of function achieved during the period of acute treatment.

The location for services offered within this care pathway is the Hollanden Park Hospital in Hildenborough, Kent.