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Infection Prevention and Control

At Renovo we have implemented a strong, pro-active approach to infection prevention and control

Working within guidelines established by the Health Protection Agency and Department of Health, we have developed stringent procedures to prevent and control the spread of common hospital infections, including MRSA, E.Coli, Clostridium difficile, ESBL, HAP and CPE.

To maintain our good track record in managing Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAIs), as a minimum, we undertake six-monthly Infection Prevention Control (IPC) audits. We also ensure that all our staff (clinical and non-clinical) complete mandatory Infection Control training.

We ensure the highest standards of cleanliness on our wards and in communal areas and we ask that staff, patients and visitors follow infection control guidelines which are clearly displayed throughout all our locations.

Hand Hygiene Procedure

Staff, patients and visitors can easily transfer bacteria directly through their hands or indirectly by touching surfaces and spreading infections from one area to another. Our rigorous hand hygiene procedure significantly reduces the bacteria on hands and the spread of infection.

We have ensured that hand hygiene procedures are clearly visible to staff, patients and visitors and have provided hand sanitisers for staff and visitors to use – at the point of care, and in all our reception and communal areas.

All staff and visitors are asked to observe hand hygiene during their time in our hospital, either using soap and running water or alcohol-based gel.   This is especially important after using the toilet, before eating food, when taking medication and when touching wounds or medical equipment.

Guidance for Patients:
  • Only bring essential items into the hospital
  • Ask visitors to stay away if they are unwell
  • Ask visitors not to sit on your bed
  • Ask visitors to take your laundry home as soon as possible
  • Do not sit on other patients’ beds
  • Avoid touching medical equipment
  • Speak to the nurse in charge of the ward if you have concerns about cleanliness
  • Ask staff for guidance if you are unsure about hygiene procedures
Guidance for Visitors:
  • Let staff know when you arrive on the ward
  • Wash your hands thoroughly before and after visiting
  • Do not sit or lie on the patient’s bed
  • Do not allow babies and children to crawl on the floor or beds
  • Restrict visitors to two per patient
  • Respect the privacy of other patients