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Environmental sustainability statement

At Renovo Care, we are committed to minimising the impact our company has on the environment, and playing our part to help protect the planet.

This statement sets out our environmental sustainability strategy and how we seek to deliver against it.


Core elements of our strategy

The three key elements of our strategy are (a) reducing our carbon footprint by addressing greenhouse-gas emissions, (b) reducing waste across our entire operation as we strive to continually strengthen our environmental practices, and (c) ensuring our commitment extends to those we work alongside.


We will – of course – always comply with all applicable environmental laws and regulations.


Reducing our carbon footprint

Greenhouse gas emissions represent a significant part of our environmental footprint, from the electricity we use in our hospitals and homes to the travel we undertake. We will actively work to reduce our emissions, by:

  • Using energy efficient lighting.
  • Undertaking annual reviews of our heating systems to ensure they are running as efficiently as they can.
  • Reducing heat loss in each of our buildings.
  • Avoiding travel by car as much as is practicable, for example by using virtual meetings wherever possible and appropriate.
  • Including a carbon-reduction assessment as part of our evaluation of new initiatives.


Reducing waste

We are committed to reducing waste across our sites. We will do this by:

  • Reduce waste generation at source and seek to minimise the waste we send to landfill.
  • Moving to electronic record-keeping and electronic communications wherever appropriate in order to minimise paper usage.
  • We promote reuse and recycling, as well as the use of supplies that are recycled and recyclable and whose production and use minimize the consumption of natural resources. Specifically, we aim to reduce our consumption of single-use plastics, use environmentally friendly paper, and recycle where possible, including plastics and large electronic equipment.
  • We will encourage our sites to drive initiatives to reduce waste, including sorting and recycling materials, donating used technology equipment, putting drinking water taps in place, reducing food waste, and running recycling campaigns.


Working with external stakeholders

We are committed to working with our suppliers, and other stakeholders to reduce their environmental footprint.

  • We will only contract with suppliers who have a clear commitment to carbon and waste reduction.
  • In addition, we will engage with suppliers to improve the environmental impact of the products and services we purchase.


Holding ourselves to account

We will report to our Board every year on progress we have made in reducing our carbon emissions and reducing waste.