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The Swanborough House Garden Party

1 September 2022

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Our Swanborough House site recently held a beautiful garden party for all residents and staff members. The day consisted of an array of fun activities and games including karaoke, arts and crafts, a BBQ and a little paint tattoo parlour.

Here are what some residents and staff had to say about the Garden Party:


The Garden Party was great fun, it had fantastic food and music. Even though the weather was bad, it didn’t stop us from getting together and enjoying ourselves. I have always liked the art workshops, so making the decorations for the party and seeing how nice the lounges looked was great. I love dancing, so to have live music and to be able to have a boogie with the staff and other residents was terrific fun. I like living at Swanborough House, and this party made myself and everyone else really happy. I can’t wait for the next one!


The best thing about the garden party was seeing the residents’ faces, they couldn’t stop smiling all day. We have not been able to book live entertainment for over 2 years due to the Covid outbreak, so to have the whole house filled with live music was wonderful. Everybody worked hard to make it special, especially our wonderful Chef, John. The food and layout was outstanding.

I also want to thank our Manager and Deputy Manager, who worked with us to make this event happen. Not only did they help us, but they were dancing and having fun alongside residents and staff. It was a joyful occasion and to see certain residents, that can be shy sometimes, laughing and clapping their hands made all the hard work worth it.


Even though it rained on us we still managed to feel the summer vibe and took the party to our spacious Lounges.

In the weeks running up to the party, we used our arts & crafts group to make homemade decorations, with most residents colouring in either flags, teapots or tea cups to make beautiful bright decorations (we love them so much we don’t want to take them down).

When organising the party, I reached out to the community in Brighton to see if anyone would like to come and entertain us on the day and to my surprise many people from the Cabaret Circuit offered their time. We were so lucky to get two singers who were available and what two amazing singers they are.

Miss Kate was like a human jukebox, taking requests and singing all the residents’ favourites. Laura belted out some great Disney songs and got everyone singing along. Both ladies were even generous enough to also offer their time around the holiday season too. We honestly can’t thank them enough

We also got donations from a few bars and from the public, one friend gave a gazebo and said the house could keep it. Le Village was kind enough to donate a crate of Nosecco. The Kemptown Club gave us plastic champagne glasses and a crate of coke and diet coke. The Curzon donated raffle prizes for the Staff, with monies raised going to Lynette who did a tandem skydive for Cancer Research. Thank you all so much, without your kindness the day wouldn’t have shone as bright as it did.