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Dr Anita Rose

Director of Clinical Development


Dr Anita Rose is Director of Clinical Development and originally joined the business in 2013. She has a passionate interest in Neuropsychology and has gained extensive experience in this field since 1998.

Anita is well regarded in the field of Brain Injury and Chronic Neurological Conditions. As well as her involvement in research, she has been published widely in peer-reviewed journals and several books. She is also known as a Champion for Multiple Sclerosis and provides significant input into the field of multiple sclerosis via her clinical work, research, publications, booklets and consultancy worldwide.

Anita is a patron, trustee and clinical advisor to many organisations across the world and is passionately committed to the development of services of excellence for those affected by brain injury and other neurological conditions. This has led to her being a regular global speaker with her message being one of empowerment to both people who have neurological conditions and to health professionals who work in the field of neurology.