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Howard’s Big Day Out

21 April 2022

Events Victoria House

At our Victoria House site, all residents have created a bucket list of activities they want to do before the end of 2022. 

Last week was Howard’s first bucket list activity, he wanted to have a fun day out in a forest with a picnic.

To start the day off Howard accompanied by some staff had a walk around the forest, which had a beautiful lake and stunning scenery, he also met a load of friendly dogs and geese along the way. Once he was finished with his stroll, Howard and the group then settled down for a nice picnic, surrounded by the trees and birds.

Howard then got to revisit his youth by going down to the river to see some canal boats cruise down the stream. On the way home, Howard also stopped by a BMW garage to have a look at some fancy new sports cars, he then visited a park to have a go on some swings and to top it all off he went through his first ever drive through to order a cup of coffee.

We hope you had an amazing day Howard, we can’t wait to hear about your next adventure.